About Us

Trade Avenue is a woman-owned CRAFT Manufacturer and Merchant Exporter from Bangladesh.


“CRAFT AVENUE” is a BRAND of Trade Avenue.
Trade Avenue is an integrated sustainable export-oriented supply chain avenue.
Trade Avenue is exclusively involved in the Jute & Leather industry with its unique and the finest jute & leather raw materials.
Trade Avenue is committed to supply eco-friendly Jute & Leather products in different industry segments with affordable prices and while being environmentally considerate.
Trade Avenue is the leading exporter of all kinds of Bangladeshi Jute / Cane / Seagrass / Bamboo / Leather and other natural products globally.

“Craft Avenue” has become one of the most trustworthy business brands with importers across the world.

“CRAFT AVENUE” achieved success as a brand since Trade Avenue has always been maintaining the standards of product quality.

Trade Avenue arranges training for famers and suppliers in order to maintain quality of the products.